Jim Mitchell

Giving Echofeed a shot for posting from my WordPress blog to Bluesky since I haven’t found any plugins I like yet.

📷 Day 24: Light.

#mbapr @eumrz

After using Mona for the past few months as my Mastodon client, I thought I’d give Ivory a go today, just to see if I was missing anything since my subscription is running out. And the answer was… Nope, not missing a thing. I think the feature I like most about Mona is toot threading. Ivory doesn’t have it and it’s impossible to follow conversations.

If you’re a Tinylytics for WordPress plugin user, what features would you like to see next? I’m planning roadmap.


📷 Day 23: Dreamy.

#mbapr @maique

I moved my jimmitchell.org domain to a US based VPS this morning from a shared SAS (Slow as 💩) UK based WordPress hosting. Thanks to @vincentritter for the Hetzner recommendation. Really liking it. This is really a test post to be sure Mastodon federation is working as expected.

📷 Day 22: Blue.

Boats anchord in Catalina harbor.

#mbapr @lzbth

Nerd friends… Looking for a reliable VPS recommendation that runs about $10 per month with decent specs to handle a WordPress site. Currently looking at IONOS as an option. Anything better?

📷 Day 21: Mountain.

A mountain summit far off in the distance with forest trees in the foreground.

#mbapr @dejus

📷 Day 20: Ice.

A snowy mountain range with buildings in the foreground.

#mbapr @the

macOS users… Do you prefer widgets on your desktop? If so, how many do you have? I’ve tried it, but the clutter stresses me out. I have to have a 100% clean desktop.

📷 Day 19: Birthday.

A homemade birthday cake with candles for a 23rd birthday.

#mbapr @crossingthethreshold

Doing dev type work today that I haven’t done in quite a while. It took a few minutes to remember the correct syntax… I used to be able to do this stuff in my sleep. Gotta start working that individual contributor muscle again.

📷 Day 18: Mood.

Storm clouds over a body of water.

#mbapr @agilelisa

📷 Day 17: Transcendence.

Rocks stacked on a shoreline with a sailboat in the background.

#mbapr @drewbelf

📷 Day 16: Flâneur.

A crowd of people watching each other.

#mbapr @chrisaldrich

I’m finding it hard to believe that my youngest child turns 27 today. Where have the years gone?

📷 Day 15: Small.

A small curious lizard on a stick.

#mbapr @jmanes

Today has been a very slow day. The missus and I went out to buy a couple of small items, but that’s about it. The rest of the day has been filled with wandering and puttering around the house. I’ve learned to appreciate days like these more lately.

📷 Day 14: Cactus.

Blooming pear catus.

#mbapr @christopherchelpka

Grrr. Today is probably my least favorite day of the year: Tax check writing day.

I just configured and handed over my old MacBook Air M1 to my wife who had the same model except with an Intel chip. I think I might install Linux Mint on her old machine to have as an extra toy for tinkering once we’re sure I’ve migrated all she needs.

📷 Day 13: Page.

A page from a book titled 'the Daily Stoic'.

#mbapr @robj

Cleaning up files on the old laptop, I came across the Hacking with macOS book I bought a few years back but never got started on. Now is as good a time as any to start.

📷 Day 12: Magic.

An inspirational poster with candle and mirror.

#mbapr @DaveyCraney