Jim Mitchell

New Plugin: Tinylytics for Micro.blog


I published my very first Micro.blog plugin today: Tinylytics for Micro.blog. You can find it in the Micro.blog plugin directory.

If you’re using Vincent Ritter’s awesome web analytics platform Tinylytics, this plugin is for you. Rather than copying and pasting a line of Javascript, you simply enter your unique site id which can be copied from your site page once the plugin is installed.

Tinylytics plug in options

There’s an option to toggle the “Display Hits” option too.

To show hits on your site, you’ll need to modify your Micro.blog theme to make the hits show up. The easiest way to accomplish this might be to add code in the footer of your theme’s design area (Design > Edit Footer):

Footer edit

See this Tinylytics help article for more information on displaying hits on your site.

The plugin source can be found at this Github repo: https://github.com/jimmitchell/Tinylytics-for-Micro.blog.

Email me with questions or any issues you find.